New Year’s Wish

When I receive my One memory feeds from Facebook, I continually have the same response, “Wow! How time flies!” It has been over 13 years since we played our first performance as a U2 tribute band. We were called The U2 Incident back then. Who would have ever thought that we would still be going strong after all of this time? We have outlasted many of the venues in which we have performed! And to be the most liked U2 tribute band on Facebook is a great ‘cherry on top’. We have played many great venues and met some really outstanding people on this journey… which really is the biggest blessing… relationships are what this life is all about and U2’s music has been a wonderful catalyst. And out of all the friends we have made along the way, the best friends have been with my very own band mates. We are truly a band of brothers. We laugh hard, we argue some, we laugh some more (especially at 2am on our way home after gigs) we share our personal struggles and small victories. We share smiles on stage after a good jam.
And so my New Years wish for all of our friends out there is that you will have close friendships that will last a lifetime. Thank you for supporting us and we’ll see you in 2019!
Greg (Adam)