We’re all going a bit nuts here…

We’re in the midst of another long winter here in Northeast Ohio, when the band takes its customary hiatus to regroup, refresh, and dream it all up once again. Of course, with news swirling around the internet that U2 will be announcing their next tour soon and that their new album is finished – the grooves being applied to vinyl as we speak – we are especially antsy with anticipation. Just a few days ago many folks around here were convinced that we’d be treated to a mid-summer U2 show at Progressive Field, only to find out that Billy Joel will actually be playing that venue… news that is perfectly fine with me. Still, the rumor mills persist, and I am holding out hope that they’re actually going to be true this time. We should find out soon.

Anyway… whatever winter is like where you are, I hope you’re staying warm and getting excited for another great spring, summer, and fall of music in 2017. We kick off our year in Pittsburgh on March 11th. Hope to see you there or someone else down the road this year. – Rick

P.S. The pic above is not us freezing in Canton. That’s actually the morning after a gig in Long Beach a couple winters ago… freezing nonetheless.